A Guide to Better Teaching
Skills, Advice, and Evaluation for College and University Professors

by Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo

2012 by Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.


Skills Assessment Tools

To support these evaluation tools, described extensively in the book, the following interactive files contain
three types of individual assessments and two audience assessments:

STANDARD Evaluation
SPEECH-ONLY Evaluation
WEBINAR Evaluation

The Spice Model™
The Spice Model Collector™

To freely download these files:

Click on a PDF filename to display a new page. Depending on your browser's internal settings for viewing interactive PDF files, you may see a message containing the phrase "To view the contents of this document, you need a later version of the PDF viewer." If you see this message, then use the drop down menu bar to DOWNLOAD the file to your computer. Then, when you open the PDF file from your computer, it will use the ADOBE ACROBAT software installed on your system and not the browser version.

Assessment Tool Situation Filename
STANDARD Evaluation Lectures, presentations, or seminars, where you can be seen and you also have accompanying “slides”. STANDARD Evaluation.pdf
SPEECH ONLY Evaluation Lectures or speeches, where you can be seen but you do not have accompanying “slides” (such as in keynote addresses and broadcasts). SPEECH-ONLY Evaluation.pdf
WEBINAR Evaluation Lectures where you cannot be seen, only heard, and you have accompanying “slides” (such as in webinars, iTunes, podcasts, and other voice-over sessions or procedures). WEBINAR Evaluation.pdf
The Spice Model™ Individual audience evaluation of 5 general skill categories, based on the same learner preferences used with our individual skills assessment tools. SPICE MODEL.pdf
The Spice Model Collector™ Aggregates a group of audience evaluations based on the same learner preferences used with our individual skills assessment tools. SPICE MODEL COLLECTOR.pdf

These files can be downloaded from this website, at no charge, for use by one individual; or, to evaluate others; or to gather audience feedback and aggregate responses.
These files cannot be distributed or used over a network.

The contents of each assessment tool, in the above table, are described briefly and the files are stored in PDF format, created using ADOBE ACROBAT software. If you DOWNLOAD one of these files and you have a copy of ADOBE READER (Version 5.0 or greater) installed on your computer, you can view the contents once the file is downloaded.

NOTE: In some versions of Adobe Reader (such as Adobe Reader X) data entered into these fillable forms cannot be saved, only printed. In such cases, to save the data for later editing, you will need an Adobe Reader/Editor, such as Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional.
If you save the file and open it on your computer, the file will open using any copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 5.0 or greater).

If you do not have the ADOBE READER program, you can download a FREE COPY by clicking on the following icon.
Download the FREE Adobe READER (most current version)
This link will take you to the appropriate web page that contains the ACROBAT READER program for you to download.

NOTE: If you decide to open any of the files from within your web browser, the files open using the ADOBE READER software, as noted earlier. Although you are in the Adobe Reader program, you are actually still using your web browser as if looking at any other web page. After reviewing and/or saving the file, if you want to look at additional documents, simply use your browser's BACK button to return to this page, which lists the files. If you do happen to CLOSE the screen that displays the contents of one of these assessments, just keep in mind that you will be closing your browser at the same time.

All information contained in the individual assessment tools, including the electronic interactive analysis and data results, are Copyright 2006 by Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo
All information contained in the audience assessment tools (SPICE MODEL forms), including the electronic interactive analysis and data results, are Copyright 2010 by Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo.
The information in these files cannot be copied, retransmitted, or redistributed in any means without the express, written permission of the copyright holders. All Rights Reserved.

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