About Our Company

MediaNet, Inc., is a New York City based presentation skills and leadership consulting firm that specializes in helping business people communicate more effectively in public venues, group presentations, and one-to-one situations. Our services range from concept to delivery, including strategy, scripting, visual creation, skills coaching, and event staging. MediaNet’s core objective is to make individuals more effective presenters and better communicators.

MediaNet’s approach supports the trend toward more visual information. People are constantly exposed to the internet, television, video games, computers, tablets, and smartphones — media formats which are filled with color, light, and action based on effect, emotion, and entertainment. These media formats have elevated the standards by which we judge the delivery of information.

Business presentations need to compete in both the verbal and nonverbal realms in order to create impact. Effective presentations and confident presenters create a higher level of engagement while increasing audience retention.

MediaNet’s services, learning modules, and publications can give you the techniques and tips needed to script, assemble, and deliver more effective presentations.

Contact Information:

Tom Mucciolo, President

Main Office
MediaNet, Inc.
305 Madison Avenue (at 42nd St.)
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Mailing & Billing Office (direct mail, packages, deliveries etc.)
MediaNet, Inc.
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