After collaborating on an outline and deciding on the basic script for your presentation, we tap the creative energies of our production team to design visuals that are consistent with your message.

We concentrate on elements such as parallel structure, background and foreground colors, symbols, graphics and chart types. Regardless of complexity, we can create all types of images, complete with embedded multimedia such as digitized video, sound, photos, or animations.

Beyond a standalone presentation, we can incorporate those images into a variety of media events, including interactive programs, kiosks, video-conferences, or web sites.

When the design of the visuals is complete, we will produce the presentation in the media format you require – electronic screen show, CD, DVD, or other formats. We can also develop hard-copy handouts to add value to your production.

Work over the Web

Collaborate ONLINE with one of our experts to create, edit, enhance, and fine-tune your presentation. Live desktop sharing allows us to interact with you to edit your content on your computer in real-time. This digital web session can be done at your convenience, in your own time zone, right at your desk!