A complete Presentation Skills Workshop is an organized event that combines seminars and individual coaching. The scope of MediaNet services includes the development of the message (script), the design of the support visuals as well as the performance of the material. Therefore, you can structure a workshop to be filled with a variety of learning activities to meet with your needs. Workshops can extend beyond a single day, especially if there a more than 12 participants in the coaching portion of the program. 

A skills workshop in normally done within a single company, or even within single department within a company. The group shares both an organizational identity but may even share similar job functions (sales, marketing, finance, etc.). In any case, workshops are extremely flexible and can be adapted to nearly any situation that requires public speaking, presentation, or other delivery of information. To check our upcoming events and availability, visit our CALENDAR page. 





The outline below is simply one approach to our skills training and consulting offerings.

Opening Lecture(s)

At the beginning of a skills coaching workshop we offer one or more of our Electrifying Presentations topics. Typically, we deliver the lecture Visually Speaking, which includes a discussion of the mechanics of presenting, with attention given to body language, eye contact and gesturing actions for enhancing effectiveness. We may also include the details of our lecture Up Close & Personal which concentrates on the skills needed for one-to-one, small-group situations.

In addition we may augment the opening lecture with the topic On the Big Screen which concentrates on the elements of Purpose, Movement and Color as the underlying requirements for designing visual support (layout, colors, etc.). 

We can add other topics or adjust the content of any of our topics to satisfy particular requirements. Depending on the amount of time available, our topics are flexible enough for most events.

Continuing Workshop Activities 

After the opening lecture(s), the remainder of the workshop allows for individual coaching, message consultation, design analysis, or any combination of our services. In most cases, the delivery skills coaching is the key component.

Skills Coaching – this is an opportunity to have individuals participate in a session whereby each person presents familiar content (5 to 7 visuals) while receiving on-the-spot analysis of delivery skills. The coaching is interactive, meaning the person will be stopped multiple times and may be asked to repeat the same section of content in order to try a new skill. 

During the coaching session, comments may also include a brief discussion of the visual design and the message itself, especially if either of those elements cause a distraction for the presenter. For example, excessive information on a visual (cluttered or busy content) usually tempts a presenter to read rather than deliver the message.

As strengths are reinforced and any distractions eliminated, the message is delivered with more confidence and the result is quite effective.

Depending on the number of people involved in the workshop, the quantity of specific handout materials offered will vary. Usually the book Purpose, Movement, Color and the Media module Mechanics – Basic Skills are made available to workshop participants at a reduced price.

Here is a sample outline for a one-day skills coaching workshop, 8:00am-4:30pm, for 10 participants to be coached as a group.

Introductions and Workshop Overview

Identifying Skill Levels
Each participant completes a self-evaluation using our SKILLS ASSESSMENT, which captures observations of 80 independent elements across 21 skill categories to establish a metric for identifying challenges and opportunities within the skills continuum, based on different audience types (learners).

This is the essence of all delivery skills, especially in stand-up environments, such as in-house seminars or any public speaking venues. The focus is on body language, gestures and movement as they relate to the delivery of an effective message, all well as on vocal tones and inflections that enhance the content. The result is a practical, easily-applied approach designed to increase the delivery skills of those who communicate to groups of any size.
By the end of this portion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify preferred characteristics of effective speakers
  • Appreciate the utility of self and peer assessments for improving skills
  • Reduce fear and anxiety by matching physical movement to content
  • Understand the value of predictability, immediacy, and openness
  • Incorporate foreshadowing and other techniques for interaction
  • Use gestures to direct and control attention
  • Recognize common vocal problems and reduce distractions
  • Develop a seamless integration of technology and delivery

10:15-10:30am – Break

Skills Coaching
30-minute coaching sessions (3 participants) – includes coach’s assessment.
Group observes and interacts.

12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch

Skills Coaching
30-minute coaching sessions (7 participants) – includes coach’s assessment.
Group observes and interacts.Breaks can be taken by participants at leisure.

4:30pm – wrap-up