Since 1985, MediaNet has taken the initiative in designing effective business presentations. We begin the consulting process by listening to your story the way that you tell it. We examine your script in relation to your visual support, and we identify any inconsistencies – based on our established principles of Purpose, Movement and Color. We work to streamline your presentation into a solid story supported by a single theme.

From a messaging perspective, we match your objective to an audience motivator (pride, profit, fear, need, etc.). Using the motivator, we consider a variety of scripts (Matching Ideals, Main Points, Meeting Needs, Problem-Solution, Question-Answer, etc). Now we have a single theme.

Next, we create a storyboard to outline the visual support for the message. We discuss particulars such as color choices, graphics and media selection. We concentrate on structured content and balance it with appropriate graphics to ensure that the visual content does not overwhelm the speaker’s delivery of the message.

An effective visual message places the focus on the “speaker” followed by the “speaker support” (visuals). The goal is to design simple, well-constructed images which hold the audience’s attention and support the the underlying message with the least distraction in delivery or design.