Prices are effective as of January 1, 2023.

All fees are shown in U.S. Dollars ($US).

Seminars (including keynotes) and coaching workshops are considered ENGAGEMENTS. An engagement is any event or session, which includes the delivery of a seminar (one or more lectures); and/or presentation skills coaching for one or more individuals; and/or consultation on the development of content (script or message). 

An engagement may comprise up to a full eight-hour day, and can occur on a weekend or legal holiday (for an additional fee). Travel & living expenses are additional, but there is no charge for the actual travel time (hours) in getting to or leaving an engagement, unless the engagement is held outside the U.S., Canada or Mexico

Multiple Engagements on consecutive days are discounted based on the pricing schedule below. However, if multi-day engagements include assessment analysis, then the highest level of discount will be 10% of the single engagement fee, regardless of the length of the program. 

Executive Coaching, billed in half-day increments (depending on location), is a special arrangement for one person who is looking to brush-up for an event, or for an individual looking for one-to-one skills training without involving a group of people. These sessions are usually geared to high-profile presenters such as, CEO’s, politicians, keynote speakers, key opinion leaders, etc., who want to develop specific skills in a private, one-to-one environment, rather than in a group setting. 

Presentation Consulting / Creation, is billed hourly, and occurs when messages are discussed, scripted, or strategized; or, when visuals are designed and/or reviewed, usually in the form of electronic (PowerPoint) presentations. As a means of estimating the cost for designing a presentation, assume that three to five visuals can be created per hour.

Single Engagement $ 3,500
2-day Program
(10% saving, $3,150/day)
$ 6,300
3-day Program
(10% saving, $3,150/day)
$ 9,450
4-day Program
(15% saving, $3,000/day)
$ 12,000
5-day Program
(15% saving, $3,000/day)
PRIVATE Group Webinar
(duration: up to one hour) 

(unlimited number of participants)
$ 750
per group
PUBLIC Webinar – by invitation
(duration: based on program)
$ 95
per person
Executive Coaching
LOCAL – Special Rate 
Individual Session (ONE person only)

$ 1,250

Executive Coaching
TRAVEL – Special Rate (see details)
Individual Session (ONE person only)

$ 1,250
Digital Coaching
WEB – Online Rate 
Individual Session (ONE person only)

$ 250
(1 hour)
Customized Coaching
High Visibility – Special Rate 
Individual Session (ONE person only) 
Politicians, C-Suite Leadership,
Academic leaders, Diplomats,
other public-profile personalities, etc.) 

See details

$ 2,500+
Presentation, Speech, Script
Messaging Consultation

$ 195
per hour
Digital Analysis
(measuring effectiveness) 
evaluation of a 
Video Recording of a speech
or a presentation (5-minute segment) 
(includes related Skills Assessment)
$ 125
per media clip
Skills Assessment
(measuring effectiveness) 
(evaluation form only) 
can be comparative or singular
$ 75
per assessment
Presentation Design
Creation of visual content (slides)
(Approximately 3 to 5 images per hour)

$ 195
per hour

 * Travel & related expenses are additional and are billed separately, usually after each engagement.

Discount pricing is VOID if payment terms are not met, specifically in the case of advance payments.
Discount difference is billed after the event, usually as part of the expense invoice.
Discount pricing is LIMITED to 10% on multiple-day engagements if skills assessment reports are included.

Discount pricing (multiple-day engagements) will NOT apply to certain venues, including large-scale (media-driven) productions, political campaigns, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), etc. — where the normal workday is staggered and stretched disproportionately (longer days) due to the nature or scope of the project. However, special event pricing arrangements can be made according to the specific requirements of a long-term project.

Comparing and Saving:
Multiple-day pricing also shows the actual cost per day for the program. The discount levels change at 2 days and 4 days.


1. A single engagement is charged as a full-day, regardless of the time used. Whenever air travel or other overnight travel is required, a daily engagement rate applies based on the number of days used. This applies to keynote addresses, conference breakouts, morning or afternoon lectures, consultations, executive coaching and other events that may not take a full day.

2. Rates for multiple-day engagements are based on the premise that all events occur on consecutive days. To split a multiple-day arrangement over non-consecutive days, the multiple-day rate from the prior (higher-priced) level applies. Thus, a 4-day engagement, with each session conducted on non-consecutive days, would be billed at the 2-day rate, which is the previous level discount. A 3-day engagement done on non-consecutive days would be billed at the single engagement rate.

3. Executive coaching held in the NYC area is for one person and billed at a special rate. To allow for maximum learning, the “full-day” is up to a 6-hour day that also includes short breaks, a working lunch and discussion periods, along with the one-to-one coaching. The “half-day” is up to a 3-hour session that includes short breaks. The coaching is done at your location and can even be done in a hotel suite/room, for those who travel to NYC. If a specific space needs to be arranged (rented), additional fees will apply. Executive coaching for one person, conducted outside of the NYC metro area also adds the travel-related expenses.

4. Half-day rates are available as part of multiple-day engagements only. The half-day rate is 50% of the prior full-day rate. The exception is for a one-and-a-half-day engagement. The total fee is $5,250, based on the single engagement rate of $3,500 plus one-half of that rate ($1,750). This actually offers a savings of an additional $1,050 compared with the normal 2-day rate ($6,300).

5. Pricing applies to events held in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, and travel days are normally excluded from the total engagement days. However, for events requiring 3 or more air-travel hours from NYC (such as West Coast), especially for work done on weekends, any extra days needed to allow for travel may be added into the cost of the engagement. Thus, a two day program in California (at $3,150 per day) may require an extra day of travel from NYC prior to or following the event. Each additional travel day (beyond two) would be billed at the daily engagement rate for executive coaching, which is $1,250.

6. REST-OF-WORLD events are charged differently. Due to additional travel time, events held in other parts of the world (South America, Europe, Asia, etc.) will be billed at 20% above the single-day engagement rate applicable to the scope of the work. Multiple-day discount rates do not apply. All additional travel days (beyond two) for these global events will be charged at a rate of $1,250 per day. Air travel for rest-of-world destinations is always ticketed as business class (one class above economy or coach class).

7. Webinars (online seminars) can be arranged privately, for a single organization. Price is per event or session, usually up to one hour. The organization hosts the event and is responsible for registering the attendees. Public Webinars are priced per person or per attendee, where each person registers for the event separately.

8. Customized coaching programs are based on flexible hours and personalized scheduling, location independent, and designed for a high-profile individual who requires in-depth attention to message management and delivery. Candidates include those involved with media events, public speeches, political campaigns, shareholder meetings, Initial Public Offerings, commencements, etc. Flat rates per session begin at $2,500 and adjust according to scheduled hours which may include evenings, weekends, and holidays. Programs are quoted on request.

Other Details
1. Unless otherwise arranged, all engagement fees are payable in advance, no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Discount pricing is VOID if payment terms are not met, such as for advanced payments. Related expenses are billed separately, after the engagement has been completed. In some cases, books, CDs and other materials are billed along with the expenses, after the event.

2. Based on the specific engagement rate in effect, an additional fee of 10% may be applied to any engagement held on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.

3. Engagement fees cover one coach working with groups of two or more individuals. Executive Coaching applies to one individual only and sessions cannot be shared or split among different people.

4. Depending on location, the rate for Executive Coaching can be a special rate or part of the normal engagement rate, or offered as a web-based hourly rate.
     A. The special one-day local rate for Executive Coaching, a six-hour maximum, is based on proximity to the NYC metro area (within driving distance).
     B. Whenever air travel is involved, Executive Coaching is priced according to the prevailing daily rate. While half-day rates are normally only available as part of multiple-day engagements, there is an exception for Executive Coaching involving air travel. For example, an afternoon Executive Coaching session, involving a morning flight and a same-day departure, could be billed at a half-day rate, without requiring any other engagements.
     C. Web-based DIGITAL COACHING, done online, does not require any minimum number of hours, and, depending on the activity conducted during the session, an assessment (Digital Analysis) may be conducted and added to the hourly rate. Depending on the voice connection (landline, cell phone, VOIP such as Skype or WebEx) additional charges may apply.

5. In a typical full-day coaching workshop that includes an opening lecture to the group, approximately 10-12 individuals can be coached, assuming about 25-30-minutes per person.

6. Since engagement pricing in not based on a “per-person” charge, seminar events (lectures) can include as many people as the space accommodates. This reduces the cost-per-person analysis sometimes used to justify an event for groups or departments maintaining a separate budget.

7. To help reduce expenses for all parties, air travel to multiple engagements may be combined into a single ticket.

Workshop Materials
The books Purpose, Movement, Color and A Guide To Better Teaching, as well as the interactive media programs Mechanics – Basic Skills and Media – Design Skills are available to workshop/seminar participants at published rates.

All other handout materials are available as electronic documents and are FREE to download from our seminar handouts page.