EP Library – Message


The above image map shows the main topics covered in this module.

If you examine the natural process of communication, the MESSAGE is the first element you encounter. After all, you would need to know the actual story before you could tell it.

Message development begins with an understanding of the basic premise or CONCEPT behind the MediaNet method of creating content.

Then, by focusing on CHARACTER, you will learn the how those involved in the message, the presenter as well as the audience, interact as the story unfolds toward a lasting impression.  It is here that you will discover how to target similarities in people, rather than differences, to insure that your message makes the greatest impact.

In the CONSTRUCTION of the argument you will learn about objectives, calls to action, opening hooks and timely grabs.  You will see how a number of different tools, such as an affinity diagram, can be used to capture ideas. A variety of different scripts, from problem-solution to matching ideals, allow you to formulate the most effective way to shape the message.

But the overall CONSISTENCY of the script is what makes it have a long-term effect. You will learn how to develop a message that works across a variety of audiences and can be delivered by a number of different presenters. To maintain this focus, you will discover how to create a through-line of action in order to advance both the logic and the emotion of your story.

NOTE: When this module is released, some of the more detailed sub-topics shown above may change slightly.