EP Library – Overview


This is an overview of the Electrifying Presentations Library, a series of FOUR learning modules:

MESSAGE – here is where you learn how to script your story in such a way that the message is understood by everyone, regardless of diversity, job function or level within the organization.

MEDIA – this module focuses on the visual design used to support your message. Here you get an understanding of how a variety of media-types (from flip charts to electronic images to multimedia) can be used to reinforce your ideas without overwhelming your delivery.

MECHANICS – this is the most comprehensive section of the library. Since the delivery skill is the most important element of the presentation process, the learning is separated into BASIC and ADVANCED skills. The basic skills cover the actions (body & voice) and the advanced skills cover the intentions (mind & heart).

MEETINGS & MORE – this part of the library applies concepts to a variety of environments. Small group communication skills, video conference techniques, room layout issues and even fashion tips are offered in this module to help you become a more effective presenter in any setting or situation.

NOTE: As each module is released, some of the more detailed sub-topics shown in the image map above may change slightly.